What does a uniform mean to you? Does it signify unity? A team? Does it drive a sense of belonging for your crew? Does it position you in the market? Is it a differential against your competitors?

A uniform is much more than a branded shirt on the back of your people. If that is all it is currently, then it’s time for a re-think!

Uniforms can be extremely powerful within your business. They’re certainly not for everyone and often the absence of any formal uniform can drive a definitive positioning all on its own. However in many cases it’s an opportunity to really impress upon your people the importance of your brand and what the company stands for.

Obvious aspects of a uniform is its branding application through the use of corporate colours and styling. Perhaps even the current catch cry or slogan.

What is often ignored or perhaps misunderstood is the power it possess’ over your culture.

Presenting someone with a uniform can have massive impact on how that person feels and portrays your organisation. Done well it can install a sense of belonging. It can assist in driving the culture and stamping the company’s direction at the very cold face.

With the wide variety of apparel available today, it’s no longer a scratchy screenprint on a polo T that can be offered as the only alternative. You can become innovative and clever depending on the size of your organisation. Small operations can source clothing from local shops and fashion centres and get a totally unique look.

Larger organisations can customise the look and feel by importing goods that have been manufactured to specifications. It’s all possible.

So how are you influencing your people? Do they feel part of the whole? Do they belong to your brand or simply work for it?

Here’s another clue…ask them what they want! It’s great to surprise them with a new look and feel but it’s even better when you give them something you know they’re going to love! Give it a try…