I’m always in search of marketing campaign brilliance, and today I’m confident I’ve found some. Baker’s Delight’s new campaign hit TV screens over the weekend and it immediately got my attention. It’s based on the line ‘we’re for real’ and I think it’s brilliant.

The campaign’s core is based on the concept of offering real ingredients, made by a real bakery, fresh every day. No preservative-packed generic-named bread at Baker’s Delight. No searching for the freshest bread stashed at the back of the shelf, so the ads say (which is something I and probably every grocery shopper out there will immediately identify with).

The advertising shows the trademark Baker’s Delight happy images of happy bakers, stirring dough and lifting steaming bread out of the oven. It supplements this with strong imagery of the source of fresh food – the ocean, the orchard. It reminds us all about the ‘romance’ of fresh (really fresh) food.

But what I love is the thinking that was very clearly behind the concept. People are caring more about freshness, preservatives, colourings and additives to their food more so than ever before. Regulation has pushed for more transparency on product labelling, and now it’s very common for even restaurants to have special menus for vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs and anyone with an allergy. Everyone wants to know what goes into their food.

Therefore, transparency has been Baker’s Delight approach. They’ve taken it back to basics – the common loaf of white bread – and said it in black and white. We’re bakers, and we bake bread. We do it out the back of our stores, and serve it to you at the front. If it’s yesterday’s bread, we won’t serve it.

And the best part? The positioning statement: ‘we’re for real’. So simple and so clever. So perfectly in tune with everything Baker’s Delight stands for.

I also love that when I visited their website today for research, there it was again, telling me all about the new campaign and what it means. The message was reinforced in my mind, and I was sold. All it took was 2 TV ads and a message on the website.

A brilliant campaign, with great planning, and some clear-headed strategic thinking.

Are you for real?

I certainly am.