One-size-fits all advertising just doesn’t cut it these days. To be honest, it’s borderline lazy.

It’s lazy because the industry has various capabilities at its disposal to segment messaging to develop a more personalised approach. Age, gender, location – everything can be broken down to create better targeting. Better targeting provides organisations with a greater chance at converting viewers into customers. More customers = more $$$.

And right now, personalised advertising has never been so hot. But why is it? Well, simply because of the year we were born.

Generational Marketing isn’t a new thing, but it’s certainly been gaining traction over the last few years. It’s a marketing approach that uses generational segmentation in marketing communication. This is because we now understand the behavioural differences between the generations – for example, Grandma isn’t going to respond to social media influencers the way her grandchild will.

So, how do you know what works best for each demographic? Simple – do your research. Understand the behaviours of each generation, what they respond well to and what they don’t. Find out what channels they’re frequently visiting and where they sit in the Customer Action Journey.

What’s the Customer Action Journey? Vaughan spoke about it a little in his latest blog “Channel Surfing”.

It’s a concept the Jack in the box team regularly refers to when we’re developing a strategy and/or plan. We take a look at each channel (website, social media, enquiry form, etc) and understand where it intersects with where a customer is at in their journey. By understanding the purpose of the channel, we can then develop specific messaging for that point in the journey.

But listen – this blog isn’t the place to explain how to achieve personalised advertising or developing a Customer Action Plan. If you want to know more, get in touch! We’d be happy to chat to you about your business marketing needs.

Rather, I thought I’d finish this blog with some of my personal favourites and, in my opinion, best pieces of advertising that I believe stand the test of time. In no particular order, I’ve included 5 of my faves below. If you don’t agree or think I’ve missed some obvious ones, let me know on Facebook.

Watch the videos below and vote for your fave!

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1. Carlton Draft – Big Ad

This was some genius advertising that deservedly won plenty of plaudits, along with public affection, in the early 2000s. Grand, cinematic, and funny as hell.

2. Cadbury – Caramello Koala

This ad gets the nod ahead of Yellow Pages’ ‘Not Happy Jan’ purely for childhood nostalgia. A jingle as smooth as it’s caramel centre.

3. Nicorette – No Gary No

Falls in the same category as Not Happy Jan after its tagline entered Australian vernacular. Everyone knows what you mean when you say those three words…

4. SPC – Goulburn Valley Gold

This took the Oarsome Foursome’s popularity into the stratosphere to make them household names. Still, DECADES LATER, I can recall the words to its follow-up ad… “Goldburn Valley Fruit (duh duh dee duh) now comes in wobbly jelly. Fruit is juicy jelly will drive your belly wild!”

5. Channel 9 Perth – Vitamins

Ok, this is full nostalgia. For anyone who grew up in Perth during the 1980s and 1990s, this was a staple of night-time advertising akin to Fat Cat saying good night.