Kelloggs is an iconic brand, and a powerful one at that. So powerful that their products are consistently imitated. So, they’ve invented something that will enforce IP ownership even over their cereal flakes.

Last week I wrote about the importance of IP ownership. Well here’s a company taking it to the next level.

Kelloggs have been investigating food stamping technology for several years, with the aim of stamping their logo on their cereal flakes. That’s right – a laser that etches the logo onto the flakes. Effectively, the laser ‘toasts’ the surface of the flake ever so slightly so it becomes a subtly darker tone.

Late last year they announced they had mastered the technology, and would start rolling our trial packs (sorry guys, but only in the UK). They intended to place a number of these ‘branded flakes’ into cereal packets to ensure
their authenticity.

After its announcement (via Twitter), many sported it as a fake – a PR stunt to make sure people put their attention back onto the iconic brand (aka Vegemite and its isnack2.0 debacle).

Regardless of their intentions – this is a brilliant move by Kelloggs, and also shows the amazing lengths companies will go to protect their brands.

How far will you go to protect yours?