Whether any of us like it or not, the landscape has changed. That’s not news to anyone – I’m sure. The big question is, have you bothered to survey your site recently? If not, then it’s vital you look into repegging your block…

Just like a piece of land, consumer landscapes can change and in these particular economic circumstances, those changes can be rather quick. It’s important to be examining the way in which that landscape is changing and then making the tweaks to your business that allow you to take advantage of those changes and ensure you maintain or even increase your income base.

There are a number of strategies you can employ in situations such as these.

An important one is simple monitoring. Examine the clientele that you see coming into your business. This relates to both retail and service based business. What are they wearing? What is their average spend? How did they find out about you? What product were they most interested in? This is critical information and can assist marketers to better target your advertising and focus your marketing campaign.

Research is another key. There are a million different ways to research and survey your clientele or even your potential clientele. At the end of the day, it’s about finding the best mechanism that is going to provide you with the most relevant data. It also depends upon exactly what you are looking for in terms of the information you receive. Different survey methods are used to explore brand awareness than customer satisfaction.

This can also lead into many innovative approaches which disguise surveys through the use of competitions or cross promotions with allied businesses where there exists a dual benefit.

The important message here is, to know your consumer.

Know your landscape. Check it regularly. Engage with your customers. Potentialise your opportunities.