As a designer, you see it all the time. The perfect brand, amazing corporate styling, ideal layout, fantastic print job and the most atrocious photo you’ve ever seen in your life!

Who would imagine how much difference a really good photo can make to anything you do in design? Yet it’s without a doubt the single most difficult aspect of any job to convince a client to spend money on.

It really is an essential part of your overall marketing and branding though and often can be the one aspect of your projection that really sets you apart from your competition.

Like all things, it costs money and good photography costs good money. However you really do get what you pay for – just ask anyone that’s ever ordered themselves a cheap, dodgy looking wedding photographer!!! Now that’s a decision you’ll regret!

Photography is so much more than just a picture of something. It’s an artistic expression. A moment captured in time. Often people forget that it is an art form and not just a job.

Setting a shot is like crafting a piece of design. Lighting, highlights, shadows, hues, background etc all have to work in harmony to give you that perfect shot. Shooting people is a different art again. Capturing the real essence of someone through the lens requires more than technical ability. It’s a gift.

In cold hard sales terms, a bad photo can be the difference between selling a product or service and losing a sale.

So take note of the photography you use.

Is your quick snap digital shot really good enough?

Does the stock photo really perform the required task for you?

Take the time to ask yourself, “Will I yield higher sales if my photos are working harder for me?”

It may only be a quick ‘click’ but its impact can last a lot longer!