When was the last time you actually took a long hard look at your website? Not just a quick browse to find something on one of the many pages of your site but a real review of your site and what it offers visitors?

The review process is a vital ingredient in having a successful website. At the end of the day it’s the largest advantage of having a website – the fact that you can review, update and amend your communication on a regular basis.

The web is so fast paced now that you have to be up to date to be relevant.

One of the latest evolutions to hit Australia is the emergence of Twitter. We began our own Twitter account just this week.

It’s essentially a way that we can constantly keep in touch with people that wish to know exactly what we’re doing.

With everyone becoming so conscious about costs at the moment, web is one of the most obvious solutions to extend your message.

If you’re already using our Springbox CMS then you’re probably taking advantage of many of the great features but there are more and more being added to the system everyday.

In line with that, we’re coming up with new ways to extend those tools, making sites more interactive and easy for visitors to view information. Blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting etc are all ways of having a much more dynamic relationship with a customer base. Admittingly these are mostly younger users but they are options.

Email marketing that integrates with your website or RSS feeds, like our Chatterbox, are all ways of extending the functionality of your website and obtain a higher level of ROI.

Here at Jack in the box, we regularly review our site and make changes. Currently we have a number of new features being built and with the current styling being in place for around 3 years, we’ll also look at a stylisation change in the next 6 – 9 months to ensure the site remains fresh.

This is actually a really cost effective change as Springbox is a database system so all the content is stored in a central location and is styled by a separate piece of code. Change the stylisation code (or CSS as it’s termed) and PRESTO the site looks completely new and different.

If you need someone to review your site and think it’s about time to give your site the facelift it deserves, or you simply want to know what new features could be implemented into your site to maximise your web presence, give either Lee or myself a call and we’d be happy to chat.