Technology can be frustrating and the emergence of things we can’t even pronounce can send the best of us into endless turmoil.

But technology and the digital world has also offered us a lot and I can’t even begin to tell you that for every part of me that becomes frustrated with crashes, seemingly simple things not working and the endless emails dominating both my work and personal inboxes, there is a light!

I thought I’d keep it short and sharp and give the rundown on the digital advances I find handy, or that add to my life in some way.

I am totally obsessed! From true crime, to things I should know, to motivation, wellness and finance, podcasts are one of the best digital technologies since the iPod! Sadly for radio, this is now my first choice of entertainment during long commutes – I feel like I can learn so much in such a short space of time being exposed to the brain pickings of major game-changers and the big thinkers of the world.

This app is an absolute cracker! Who knew investing could be so much fun? Connect it to your bank account, and the app rounds up to the nearest dollar every single purchase you make. It then invests in a stock market portfolio for which you choose the risk factor. The thing that makes this so addictive is the user-friendly interface and the predictions of how much money you’re likely to make by a certain age.

Not that I have used this yet, but I can see the attraction! Layby’s seem so old school when you have to wait to pay off your item before you get to pick it up. AfterPay is currently dominating eCommerce – it allows you to pay off your item in 4 installments AND the item is shipped to you right away – score!

Instagram Stories
Sure, these have been around for a little while but they’re still going strong. In today’s nanosecond world, we no longer wish to hang around waiting for content – we want to find out what people are up to NOW. This is also a game changer for business, taking the ‘social’ aspect of social media brand building to a whole new level…. All of a sudden 3 hours later you’re watching your cousin’s friend’s ex-Stepmum’s wedding to her new multimillionaire husband in Santorini…