Expos, trade shows and exhibits… there is one for just about every industry in every capital city in the state. For some companies, it forms the core of their marketing activities for the year. The ways that organisations showcase themselves at such events vary immensely – some have a trestle table with a few brochures, where as others seem to create a whole new world in their exhibit space. If expos and events are important for building your business, but your display needs a bit of special attention,
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Does this shopping list sound familiar?

A really impressive exhibition stand that showcases your organisation and its products/services
Large, but not too large that it won’t fit in most exhibit spaces
Easily transportable
Easy to set up and pack down
Not too heavy
Is sturdy and can be used outside if necessary
Can be taken on a plane or fitted easily in the boot of a car
Doesn’t cost the earth.

If this sounds like something you’ve had on your wish list for the last few years and have been waiting for a solution – then dream no more, it’s arrived!

Jack in the box has an excellent display product package that fits all of the above criteria. It’s a large, 3m x 3m stand, which also includes 2 x pull-up banners, a brochure stand, 2 x lights and a carry case that can also double as a branded display table. We produced the first prototype recently for CinéfestOZ – see the photos below to view the stand in action.

the complete display package setting up display stand
The package as you receive it – complete with carry case Setting up – clipping together the magnetic structure
the complete display package
The complete package – fully constructed

As you can see, it’s so easy to set up! Scott and myself (yes a female) managed to set it up in 20 minutes. Pack down only took 10 minutes maximum. It’s based on super-strong magnets, rather than the clumsy clip-together systems, making it even easier. It’s extremely light and easy to move, even when fully constructed.

I know you’re thinking it – how much? Well I can guarantee you that it’s not anywhere near what you would imagine. For one all inclusive price, you receive a full event display stand with all the fruit, professionally designed and produced. If you are curious – contact me and I can send you through a quotation. Otherwise, anyone of the CinéfestOZ crew would give you a glowing testimonial.

There is no need to hire a truck to transport your clumsy trestle table, remove half your organisation for a day to set up your stand and then do it all again when the event is finished. This is a really impressive product that will save you time, money and stress. Need I say more?