Most businesses would have heard of Google Adwords by now, but what I can bet is that a large majority’s attitude toward it will be something along these lines…
It’s only for big business
It’s only for businesses whose target market is web savvy and only search for their service/product online
It’s expensive and too difficult to maintain or manage
Lets bust these common Adwords myths…

1. It’s only for big business

Wrong. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It works much more in the favour of smaller, less known businesses. A large, well known organisation would receive a relatively small amount of search engine web traffic – they have spent years building their brand and website and most traffic would be direct (i.e. you wouldn’t typically search for banks in Australia – you would simply type in, etc.). Smaller, less established businesses on the other hand need to build their awareness and this is where Adwords works perfectly. You can establish yourself in your ‘category’ and even if searchers don’t click on your link, they still may have seen your name and after a few more exposures might just be curious to see what you have to offer (as we say ‘sweeter, sweeter the more you repeat-er’).

2. It’s only for businesses whose target market is web savvy and only search for their service/product online

This statement is true. However, just think for a moment, is there any product or service that people do not at least research, let alone make their full purchase decision, online? Even if you intend to call someone or visit them directly, you might do a quick search to find a list of businesses who service your area, check out a few websites to see who looks ‘legit’ or just look for some background information on whatever it is you are searching for (i.e. if you’re looking for a marketing agency, you might begin the process by reading research and case studies of organisations who have succeeded by using professional marketing advice). Even a huge proportion of a senior citizens centre‘s target market (i.e. new 55+ citizens moving to their area) would probably go online at some stage to research facilities and activities available before making the relocation (or their family would do so on
their behalf).

3. It’s expensive and too difficult to maintain or manage

Adwords are as expensive or as cheap as you want them to be. You control how much you spend and work to a nominated budget; your link just drops off once your budget is used up. It is up to you to decide whether you continue it. The part about Adwords being difficult to maintain or manage is somewhat true. It does take some time to understand how it works and you do need to keep on top of things. But all it requires is a few hours once a month to review your web statistics (which you can link with your Adwords very easily) and any other related indicators (i.e. did phone enquiries increase?) and decide how you will continue the following month. The other alternative, of course, is to talk to a online marketing consultant to manage it for you.

So, have you fallen in love with Adwords and are about to ask me how we can make it work for your business? Well there is one final point I need to make. Adwords can work wonders if implemented correctly. But, you need to avoid the trap of treating it as a ‘bandaid’ solution to your marketing problems. Adwords may generate enquiry and web traffic, but it does only that. It doesn’t solve terrible customer service. It doesn’t help you maintain direct contact with your customers and generate repeat sales and loyalty. It’s important that you remember that marketing is not only about making the phone ring. Adwords is great, but it should always work in conjunction with other tools and strategies.