Media Mad

Media today is complete madness. There…I said it.

The sheer volume of advertising that is thrust upon us each second of every day is enormous. Everyone seems to have a different figure but I’m going with ‘bucket loads’!!

We simply can’t absorb that much information. We’re only human after all!

In the ‘old days’ we had much simpler mechanisms to reach people. And we were patient. Things took time. Mail came a week later, newspapers once a week and television was the pinnacle source of entertainment and information.

Today, we have all that and much, much more. Social Media, Native Adverts, Content, etc etc. It’s hard to be anywhere and not be exposed in some shape or form. Everywhere you look there are labels, brands, messaging. It is relentless.

Now I realise that we’re just as responsible for that as anyone – in fact more really. But at the end of the day, we simply feed the beast. Consumption drives demand. If it wasn’t working, we wouldn’t be doing it.

Which really leads me to my point…how on earth do you choose which medium is the best for you?

With so many choices, it’s almost impossible for the average business owner to comprehend how they should best communicate with their clients and customers.

The key is starting with your audience – if you don’t understand who they are and what they do, then it’s all a big stab in the dark! Knowing who you’re talking to is the first step in making sure you’re choosing what’s most likely to engage them.

So while the media landscape is pure madness and flooded with more options than any budget can afford, it all really comes back to how you communicate with people. Which ever channel you choose, this should be at the heart of your decisions. Know who you’re talking too, how to talk to them and when to talk to them.

Sounds easy right?