Okay…hands up if you ever go to represent yourself at an exhibition or function? How about putting on a show for clients or customers? What about sponsorship? By now, just about everyone should have their hand raised. So the real question becomes, how do you make an impact?

In the world of promotional items and tools, the limits are endless and usually only restricted by your budget. The key is to find the most effective way to draw attention to you and your business.

In the past, things like pens have been big hits but I think you’d all agree that at times this becomes a little “ho-hum”.

We’ve designed and developed some really different promotional tools and exhibition spaces over the years for clients. Each had a different function but they all had a singular key focus – to create impact!

From full wall designs and large printed panels to custom etched keyrings, the possibilities are endless.

What’s important to consider is a) your budget and b) your target market. One idea certainly doesn’t work for everyone.

We’ve also seen a massive increase in the offerings of more of the generic ranges too. The amount of merchandise you can now brand is massive! In fact I even found a company that will brand a 4 burner stainless steel BBQ for you!! It’s incredible.

You may be interested in a few of the items we’ve done in the past. A small selection is in our gallery.

At the end of the day, it’s about finding innovative ways to create impact, especially in an intensely crowded space like an exhibition or trade fair. Ensure you standout.