In the last few months I have been invited to at least 10 different types of product parties. By these I mean Tupperware Parties, Nutrimetics Parties etc. The standard party-plan sales model. It got me thinking; has the day of party-plan marketing been resurrected?

It was actually a conversation with my Mum that got me thinking about this. We were both comparing products purchased at the most recent Tupperware party we attended (separately), when she said ‘I haven’t been to a Tupperware party in years – I thought they weren’t doing them any more’! Perhaps its my age group, a new group of friends and changing leisure habits, but I think they’re on the come back!

Let me give you an idea of the different types of ‘parties’ I have been invited to recently:

Candles (by an innovative Perth-based company called Wicked Wix )

For those I could attend – the experience was really fun; an excuse to immerse yourself in a brand for a few hours accompanied by the usual female chit-chat, champagne, and in one particular case, a chocolate fondue fountain. It’s like going shopping in your lounge room surrounded by family and friends and many other creature comforts. No wonder women love product parties so much!

So if you’re a new business trying to break into the female target market, not much of a marketing or advertising budget to spare, and a huge reliance on positive word of mouth – hosting parties might be the ‘foot in the door’ that you need. If I can offer any advice; instruct your party planners to make their parties a representation of what your physical store might look like, if you had one. Arm them with tools to decorate and design their ‘space’ into an experience, as well as activities, tasks, treasure hunts; whatever it takes to increase involvement in the brand and, of course, giving attendees a reason to talk about it with other females. I can guarantee that if you make an experience memorable – it will get talked about!