With the number of emails in my inbox on the rise, there’s no doubt that customised emails and newsletters are having to be more and more innovative and catchy to get my attention. Although with this, has come a strange phenomenon…

Have you begun to notice how all these mass email providers include their brand and a link to their system at the base of the email? I’ve got to be honest, it really peeves me off. I could understand it if they were free providers but these internet based businesses have paid for their service.

Essentially, every time you send out an email through one of these systems, you assist in their branding process. Worse still, you pay for the privilege! That’s insane! It’s pure genius really on their part though.

The bit I don’t understand is why the users don’t seem to have an issue with it? After having looked at numerous systems over the years, that was one aspect I always had an issue with. In fact, it’s the main reason why we introduced Mailbox. As marketers, we wanted to provide clients with a package that was fully branded for them…not with a big “JACK IN THE BOX” tag all over it.

Your newsletter is a piece of communication and as such every last inch should be about your company. Continuity is king and ensuring that the design of your email message matches that of the rest of your communication is vital. Branding someone else in the process is simply bad marketing. Especially when you get nothing in return.

So next time you look at your email or newsletter system, think about who you’re branding. At the end of the day, if you’re going to pop an ‘e’, at least ensure you’re not sharing it with the dealer.