I’ll warn you now that this blog has nothing really to do with marketing, but is important all the same. Many of us here at Jack in the box have adopted a strict recycling regime at home and at work, myself included. Now that I’ve been made aware of its importance and many benefits, it’s very difficult to break the recycling habit. Secretly I hope for the day when the recycling bin pick-up becomes weekly and the normal bin pick-up is reduced to fortnightly! What is a little confusing however, is what on earth can and can’t be put into your recycling bin. This week I thought I’d shed some light on the matter.

This is what you can put in your recycling bin:

Glass bottles and jars (washed out, nothing broken and no lids)
Aluminium and steel cans, aluminium foil and trays (clean)
Cardboard and boxes (this includes cereal boxes, soap powder etc.)
Milk and Juice cartons (rinsed)
Aerosol cans (remove any lids)
Plastic bottles with symbol 1,2,3,5 on bottom or side (cleaned and no lids)
Newspaper, glossy magazines and paper (not tied together and clean)

This is what you can’t put in your recycling bin:

Food scraps
Plastic bags
Garden refuse and clippings
Broken Glass
Needles and Syringes
Rubber and Leather

As recycling services can vary from shire to shire, check with your local council for their recycling ‘safe’ list.

The creation of a simple compost bin in your backyard (home or office) will also reduce your waste consumption immensely and your plants will love it! You might even get some nice surprises from your compost – a self sown tomato plant is keeping my tomato supplies stocked at the moment. Jack in the box has recently purchased an office compost bin with unique smell-guarding technologies – keep an eye out for our newsletter this month for more information.

More information about recycling and how you can do your bit can be found on our green website – www.eco.thebox.com.au. Let’s get