I was there when it was born. It was a short birth and it grew quickly. It started its life as a bubble and very quickly grew into a hot air balloon. I refer of course to the internet, which by the way, started life as the ‘Super-highway’ Today it’s a multi-billion dollar business and has confirmed itself as one of yesterday’s most important innovations.

If you have any doubt just take a look at the latest ‘Share of Total Advertising‘ by media figures (Data which shows how Australian advertisers spend their dollars by media) The latest figures show the spend by Australian Companies by separating television from newspaper; radio; magazine; outdoor; cinema etc. It also compares the last four year’s results, one with another.

Interestingly, the 2007 media buy, in all areas is the same or slightly less than that of 2006 with one significant exception – ON-LINE. It shows an increase of 3.5% and this is confirmed worldwide by research which shows that over the past three years globally, companies increased their commitment to on-line from US$19.2 million to a massive US$33.7 million. On-line is the flavour of the decade! Despite this trend I still meet excellent companies who see no value in websites and refuse to even consider them as a part of their marketing mix.

My blog mission is to improve the understanding of all businesses relative to wholistic marketing and as one of the so called old, wise ad men of the nation I could be accused of being “far too old to understand new technology”. No matter, I have a message for the assembled marketing masses and particularly those of small business. “Ignore the web at your peril!”. If you don’t understand it, begin now; if you’ve got a rough idea, develop clarity; if you think you know it all, think again; If you don’t care; get a grip on yourself, dig your head out of the sand, stand up and mix with the young people who understand the medium.

The internet and especially the web are here to stay. It’s inexpensive compared to most mediums, it’s flexible to make changes and it’s immediate. It offers you and your company a window to the world, where people from most anywhere can see you; hear you; feel you and experience your products and services. It’s like no other and it commands your attention.

If you’re not on board – you’re missing the boat – and remember the oyster? It gets irritated by a speck of sand in its sensitive membranes. It does not fight it; ignore it; or spit it out. Rather it embraces the irritation and weaves it into a pearl. Try it – it works! Get your share of the clicks!!!!! Over and out!