I know it is a big call to choose a solitary shape, but there is one particular shape that appears to be used extensively by the motor industry. The shape, as illustrated, is the trapezoid. So why is that so important I hear you say.

Because when it comes to design, the motor industry is certainly at the forefront of what is deemed to be cool and fashionable. The styling that goes into each new model is as important as the technology that goes into each new model, to drive sales for the manufacturers.

The styling has to be spot on because we all know that there are numerous models for a customer to choose from, and more importantly, today’s vehicles are built on universal architecture to be shipped anywhere on the planet. Therefore the motor industry styles vehicles that are designed to work right across the globe from one culture to another. And so the automotive design departments tend to adopt this shape for the grill at the very front of the car, a position of great importance.

Now the shape is not exactly the same, proportion will vary and often the bottom side will be angled from the centre to create a v line, the corners are rounded; it may appear upside down, but it is undeniable that the base shape is a trapezoid.

Is this because the trapezoid is such a universally appealing shape that designers think that by utilising this as the front grill it will have mass appeal? Admittedly the very nature of the shape leads one’s eyes gracefully up and over the bonnet, and today a lot of headlights angle in and create the shape. In today’s world where engineering and production methods can match the wild designs that the design departments create, do they all appear to be choosing one shape?

Is it the universally appealing shape?