Web Design

Keeping an eye on what’s trending in the world of web design can provide inspiration and help keep web designs looking fresh. These are three of my favourite trends this month.

1. Video Background
With the ever increasing consumption of video content online, it can be really effective to use video backgrounds in web design as a way of telling a visual story. Video has a way of immersing the user in a dramatic experience, often helping in transferring ideas and emotions much easier than static web content. Below are some great examples of Video Backgrounds used in web design.




2. Blurred Image Effects
Blurred photography can be used to create a subtle look and feel in web design. It is particularly effective in making text much more legible when placed over an image. This effect was made popular when Apple introduced iOS 7 and continues to be used with great effect in many designs today.



You can also use the out-of-focus area of a photo as the blur. But beware— this method is not as dynamic. If your image ever changes, make sure the text is always over the blurry parts.




3. Monochrome overlays
Overlaying images with dark gradients has been a tried and true method of increasing text legibility and making text “pop” in design. Using monochrome overlays on images, particularly images converted to black and white, adds a unique dynamic to a design. This effect can help soften image content and bring a more cohesive feel to all of the design elements, typography and brand colours




If you would like to incorporate one of these design trends into your site, we can help so get in touch!