Human perception is a huge subject spanning many fields of science, from neurology to anthropology, and influences many aspects of our lives. Almost everything that we do in our day to day interaction with the universe and life forms within it, is in some way linked to our perceptions.

Our perception is itself influenced by many factors including culture, upbringing, education, physical positioning, mood and emotions, experiences and expectations.

Our perception can also be influenced by the manner in which information is presented to us.

Here are some examples of unfortunate print layouts influencing our perception of the intended meaning –

In the digital world, websites have a massive role to play in how people perceive a company or organisation. Many times a website is the first introduction a client will have to your company and what you stand for. As in many other aspects of life, making a good first impression is paramount. This is even more true in the online world, where people can much more easily walk away.

Compare the perception you have of the companies behind these two car sites:

Without much conscious effort, most people will make a number of assumptions about these companies based on what they see and experience when browsing the site.

One important perception that is influenced by a website is value. Does your website increase the perceived value of your product or reduce it?

There are a number of techniques that can be used to increase perceived value both online and offline, here are some of the more common ones:
– Sell at a higher price – a more expensive product is often perceived as being better.
– Service level – by providing a level of service and support unmatched by your competitors, your product will be perceived as more valuable.
Testimonials – provide proof that your product is worth more.
– Throughout the website creation process it is vital to imagine yourself experiencing the website as a potential client and gain an insight into their perception of your website and subsequently your business.

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