Any true Aussie will be more than familiar with the rock legends of Hunters & Collectors. Many would have rocked out at a pub somewhere in this wide brown land. But we’re not here to discuss classic pub rock or my misspent youth rocking out covers in taverns and bars across the state.

We’re here to talk about perception.

This is a subject that we deal with daily. In fact, it could be said that it’s part of our core business. We seek to appropriately shape perception to provide our clients with greater opportunity.

One of the first marketing lessons I recall was that there are only 3 things in a customer’s mind that really matter for a business – perception, perception and perception.

For perception is reality. It is its very own truth.

So how do we go about developing or changing perception? There’s no magic bullet. No single solution. Each and every case is unique. Some organisations need to adjust internal issues to provide more effective customer service. While others have great businesses that nobody has ever heard of.

Vital to what we bring to any project is our outside perspective. Tony often refers to this as ‘intelligent ignorance’. It’s a great term and very apt given that despite the enormous amount of skill, talent and expertise we bring to the table, your business is new to us. We view you with fresh eyes. We seek your culture, service, products and delivery from a unique perspectiveintelligent ignorance.

Consumers are fickle creatures. I should know…I am one! This is often something we forget. We somehow believe that consumers act differently to ourselves…it’s a crazy notion. It’s the key behind our philosophy that we must treat the market with intelligence. Aiming at the highest common denominator rather than the lowest. I’m yet to meet a person that felt they were stupid…so why on earth would we, as marketers, seek to treat them that way?

We see things differently. It’s part of our job but more importantly it’s part of our culture.

Every single execution within Jack in the box is about ensuring we’re delivering the right perception for our clients. It’s just so core to our business.

If you want to test out how powerful it really is…try this. When you go to work next, don’t come in through the back door. Come in through the front and experience your business the way a customer would…it’s refreshingly different.

Or if you happen to be rocking out at your local establishment to some quality Aussie tunes, see if you can slip behind the bar and just see how different the place looks from a different perspective…