We all remember those advertisingjinglesthat worked their way into our heads and never left; ‘It’s a lovely day today’ for Fisher and Paykel, ‘My dad picks the fruit…’ for Cottees, ‘I like Aeroplane Jelly’ for, well guess who? … the list goes on.

It seems the day of the catchy jingle is gone, and now we’re left with awful re-records of songs we used to love. I’m sure many of you sang loudly in the shower to the Proclaimers song 500 Miles before it became the annoying jingle for Retravision. Still a majority of small mum-and-dad companies think they can get away with singing their products and services along to a tune and it will instantly translate into sales.

Our opinion – bring back the well-written, happy, make-you-laugh, jingle, without ruining a damn good song!

Check out our very own ‘jingle’ for the Challenge Dairy ads – ‘We find the best in today’.