Tell me … how many people walk into your store or operation each day?

How about each minute or perhaps even in 15 second increments?

Don’t know? You wouldn’t be alone!

Most clients we come across have no idea how many people come into their retail outlet or service based store. Considering the massive influx of clients demanding results from their web sites; increases in their Search Engine rankings; and carefully examining web statistics to find out where the clients are coming from and what they are looking for.

So if the web is so important, and it’s dealing with remote customers, why wouldn’t more people be wanting to find out more about the customers they already had?

Funnily enough it’s usually due to a) cost and b) convenience.

There are many door counting systems on the market that range in cost and configuration, from single beam units right through to thermal cameras that can track movement.

Options that the team here at Jack in the box have investigated, also integrate into popular POS systems so that sales data can be correlated with traffic data, thus giving clients comprehensive conversion figures as well as information on high selling hours and low volume traffic times.

This not only impacts on profits in a direct sense but can also help clients restructure rosters and resolve staffing issues by rostering staff on at trended busy times, as well as identifying sales staff who are not producing optimum sales per visitor.

It can also assist with your marketing campaign. We often see peaks in clients’ websites when advertising is placed outside of the store’s location. What we lack is store traffic data to identify the local effect.

So if you really want to optimise your profits, staff and your advertising; then seriously consider the installation of a traffic data system. Numbers are all well and good but the devil is in the detail.