Well… 2007 is nearly at a close and what a year it was.

I know that we shared our fair share of ups and downs as I think most business did. I’d have to say though, that all in all, 2007 was a great year. Most people I’ve spoken to have recorded increases in previous years and every one seems to have ridden the wave fairly successfully. Obviously the labour shortage is still hitting many businesses hard, but the general mood is still very positive.

As for Jack in the box? Unfortunately we said goodbye to two of our very special team members which was a sad affair but a highlight for them and their future. On the flip side we have completed some fantastic work and been involved in some very exciting projects.

2008 is set for another big year and already we have some projects boiling ready for us to tackle along with a string of new ventures for the company. Keep an eye out for our first new innovation for ’08 in our first newsletter! If you haven’t signed up for it yet, just click here and enter your details.

To all our blog readers, clients, friends and families, may 2008 bring you joy and happiness along with prosperity, wealth and the fruition of more of your dreams.

From Scott and the Team at Jack in the box