Who said fundamentalism only exists in politics and religion? Whoever it was has obviously never been involved in the real world. Here’s the news, fundamental extremists are all around us, day in, day out. In all forms and shapes; in all cultures and value systems. How do I know? Because I meet them everyday, I read their thoughts in the ‘Letters to the Editor’, I hear them on the radio and watch them on the TV.

For example there’s the little old lady – sorry senior citizen – who lives in a country town, she doesn’t agree with where the Government wants to put the new bus station. It’s not where she wants it and she’s signed a petition and the government still won’t budge. She along with others have now written to the paper and spat the dummy. “Democracy is dead” the headline reads. Sad really because it seems to me if it doesn’t fit our idea of ‘perfect’ it’s ‘undemocratic’. When we get our way however,our thinking changes and we loudly proclaim what wonderful chaps these Greek democrats were and how good the system really is.

Like it or not country senior has become as fundamental as the Taliban. It’s the slightly greying version of the inflexibile – the fight against change – the belief in “my” idea, and no other.

Some say it all boils down to tolerance and their probably right but in more sophisticated terms it’s about the value of pluralism – the belief in the concept of more than one idea and more importantly the respect to embrace it; it’s the thought that synergy improves the process, while individualism shrinks a concept to its lowest common denominator – one.

Here at Jack in the box we are pluralistic and what that means to our clients is a significantly ‘beautiful’ aspect of creative and strategic thinking. You see when clients need our input, the information comes with a stone wall guarantee, a one hundred percent solid gold pay off. I call it ‘beautiful’ because there’s really no other word for it. You can get strong>idea’s, concepts, opinions, thoughts, feedback, wherever you like but mostly they’ll have one thing in common. They’ll come from just one person – just one brain – one cognitive element.

Here’s the most beautiful thing we have to offer and it comes gift wrapped with ribbons and bows. ‘The beauty of ‘the box’ is simply this: when we speak, ours are not the opinions of a single mind.
You just don’t get any better than that. Have a Happy New Year!