Many of you might be thinking “Serviced my brand? Are you crazy Scott? What are you talking about?” But it’s a legitimate question.

As your business and your market grows, often your brand becomes tired or in fact null and void. I always think that about every 5 years you should consider some adjustment to your brand to ensure it’s fresh, modern and reflective of your market and of your business.

Now this is not just some marketing spin to make more money. In fact, most big business have brand strategies in place that plan the growth and future look of their brands.

The best example I’ve seen is Shell. Their vision and foresight has always impressed me. They knew that over time, motor vehicles would become faster and faster and as they did, words would become harder and harder to read with the increase in speed. So Shell set out to brand themselves over a period of time in anticipation of this ‘ environmental‘ change.

Over time, the word ‘SHELL’ has become a less potent part of their branding, while the ‘Pectin’ has grown in size and improved in style over time, to reflect modern trends throughout the years to the point it is at today. Although only 37 years since the current brand was designed, previous designs have stood the test of time in a history spanning over 100 years.

Brands need to be serviced. You can’t expect a design to last 100 years…it’s just not realistic. What should stand the test of time is the concept – the basic foundation by which the original brand was created. That’s why it’s so vital to ensure that you get it right in the beginning through a highly strategic process that allows the creative process to produce a brand that will set the foundation for the future projection of your business.

If you haven’t examined your brand lately…perhaps it’s time you did?