A brand is a very valuable thing. So valuable, that the brand often dominates over the price, the product, the place – everything. When you’re lost, hungry and tired in the middle of a foreign country and you see the familiar McDonalds arches – it means more to you than just a greasy burger and fries – it’s familiar, it’s expected, and it’s normal. One thing that fascinates me however, is how much brands are diluted before they reach the consumer.

Take for example, a manufacturer of a product that requires distribution, delivery, sales, service, and installation all through a retailer or stockist. How do you maintain control, and ensure that when your product reaches the end user, it still maintains the same quality that it had when it left your factory or plant? The bigger question is however, why care? The reality is, most manufacturers don’t.

My point is that they should care. Every company should care that their brand delivers the same message at every level, every time, in every place. McDonalds cares. And take a look at their bottom line.

Your brand is not cordial. It needs to be 100%, the whole way.