How many of you have recently grabbed your paper of choice and on shaking it have been showered in brochures selling you everything from the ideal holiday to the latest ‘super specials’ at your local supermarket? Frankly I’m sick of it…but that’s for another blog.

What I’m really interested in is how many of them are actually blank!

I don’t mean blank as in no printing. I’m talking about the fact that they don’t actually say anything!

Flaky and clever slogans dressed with flashy graphics and a nice picture, coupled by the corporate brand in the bottom right hand corner. Over the years I have become continuously frustrated with how far some of these ‘productions’ (if you could even call them that) simply miss the mark.

On many occasions (as a few of the Jack in the box veterans will attest to) I have been known to jump on my soapbox, especially with young designers, about the real reason we design.

It’s simple really…it’s to communicate. It’s that easy.

We exist for no other purpose! Communication is the soul reason we exist and the fact that we know how to do it better than everyone else (it’s my blog…I’m allowed to boast that!).

Back to blog though, it amazes me how many brochures simply miss this fundamental in exchange for the latest design trend or Photoshop effect. It concerns me that our industry seems to be losing the art of design and its ability to communicate.

Great design leads your eye exactly where the designer intended it to. It conveys the message and leaves its mark on your sub-conscious. In a crowded marketplace it’s never been more important to ensure that your message is being noticed.

Communication is key…without it, it’s just design for design sake. Come to think of it, they have a name for that… art!