Can I be frank with you?

I am so sick of hearing about mainstream media !!

As our lives change and the shift in demographics takes place with Baby Boomers weighing up retirement options in conjunction with the security of their super funds, Gen Y’s pushing hard to blow the cobwebs off executive positions and a growing number of leisure activities available to all age groups, mainstream could very well become a thing of the past.

So why wait for the flood?

I’m sure people laughed at Noah…turns out he was the only guy with enough vision to make plans (pardon the pun) for a rainy day!

In my recent speech in Karratha, I spoke with the audience on alternative mediums that can assist in the growth and development of any business. I had them thinking outside the box for a while and they came up with some really fantastic ideas. Promotional tools, events, out of home mediums – the white board was FULL!

Every medium has its place – no doubt. I’m not saying quit TV, radio and press – that would be insane!! But it’s not the only advertising alternatives. You’d only have to go through our gallery to see how much work we do in these three mediums.

They are powerful and influential mediums (when used correctly – i.e. chat to Vickie about media buying!!) but they are not all there is.

Spend some time thinking about other ways to promote your business. There are literally thousands of amazing ways to do it. It’s not about finding one thing that makes you 100% better…it’s 100 1%ers that will make you more successful than your competitor.

You don’t need a long white beard, a long brown coat or resemble Obi One Kenobi! You just need to think outside the box.

If you’re having trouble with this, then visit the experts – the guys that invented out of the box thinking!