We live in a world of insurance. Everywhere you go, there it is. Public liability, indemnity, personal, life, car, house…the list goes on and on. How about marketing insurance? When was the last time you saw that advertised!
As much as marketing is a science it is also an art and thus guarantees are hard to find. What I can offer you is what we call “Loss of Memory Insurance”. It’s the key to every successful campaign.

Let’s take an example of a TV commercial. You have this incredible TVC produced and you manage to obtain amazing media placement in some great prime-time spots. Everyone is talking about your new advert.

But where’s your insurance?

It’s in your 1%ers. The tiny things that make any campaign (or business for that matter) a success. In this instance you’re most likely loss of memory insurance would come from in-store / in-office (reception) campaign material. Perhaps posters, life sized cardboard cutouts, brochures, floor mats or even a display that is all based around your campaign.

Of course you could also produce matching marketing material that could be sent to people but that’s really a reinforcement tool for your TVC. What we want is to gain a free 30 second commercial in the customer’s mind.

So they walk in and see a poster that features the same endtag image as the TVC. “WOW” they say to themselves and begin to play your commercial in their head. That prime-time spot just cost you nothing!

In-store promotion is a truly powerful branding tool. Many businesses don’t see the need to continue to brand to customers once they are in the door – it’s all about sales from that point! Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a prime-time spot and you have a captive audience…use them!

It’s a highly in-expensive way to maximise the value that you have invested in the first place.

Campaigns are built not just made. They need to be crafted and considered wholistically. One aspect feeds from another and vice versa. It’s a chain that leads people to a better understanding of your message through a multitude of mediums. It’s powerful and it works.

So next time you go to just ‘whack’ an advert in the newspaper or ‘slap’ together a quick radio advert, think about how much more you could get out of a campaign and how you could insure that cost by the added value of ‘loss of memory’ collateral.