Flowers, cards, chocolates, romance and love. Hallmarks (pardon the pun) of that special day in February. Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re into to it or not, the reality is it’s a huge opportunity if you’re in the right industry to take advantage of ‘ the love‘.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, in today’s world of marketing to consumers, innovation is king. If it’s not clever, catchy or smart then the message simply gets lost and you fade into the mish mash of average ‘ stuff‘ out there.

There are so many more ways to gain attention these days…but it’s about being innovative.

For example, using scented paper? You can now print scents into paper to add a further dimension to a printed item. Imagine a florist sending out a Flyer that smelt like roses? That might get a little attention at this time of year!

Email and the web is another great opportunity. Viral campaigns and electronic e-cards are some of the more favoured tactics and frankly, done well, they work and last. Viral campaigning is becoming a significant factor in the market these days. Clever commercials or interactive solutions spread fast and wide. When attached to a special day they can move even faster as they carry with them a higher level of relevance.

Viral has also now filtered into the world of SMS and MMS with the youth market crazy for mobile phones. Again, this medium can be utilised to spread your message and gain both awareness and sales.

At the end of the day what I’m trying to illustrate is that with innovative solutions, you can gain added advantages in the market at times like this. So think outside the box and add a little innovation to your marketing. Who knows what may come next…scented emails perhaps???