The best piece of advice I can offer you to achieve packaging that creates brand loyalty is be open and honest.

We have all opened a packet of chips or cereal to discover that even though the box or packet is large it contains a heck of a lot of air. Of course the pack has to have the weight on it, but how many of us can actually visualise how much the weight equates to in an actual amount of product, I certainly can’t!

The worst example of this packaging I have seen is a well known cereal brand who have made a diet style muesli bar. (It was all that was left in the snack box). The wrap is the same size as their standard bar wraps but the bar inside is half the size. No wonder it is less fat because it less everything, boy did I fell ripped off when I opened it!

Forget the damn flashy label, the packet misled and I won’t be back! No such predicament with bottles of milk.

The reason I like bottled milk packaging is not because what the label design is like, but because it doesn’t lie to me like so many other product packages do! The bottle is clear so I can see that it is full to the top. I know that I am not getting a half empty container.

So bring on more clear, windowed or appropriately sized styles of packaging that tells your customer that this is exactly how much they get when they hand over their hard earned cash.