Deep cleansing properties. Visibly clearer. All new and improved. Don’t settle for anything less. Because you’re worth it. It’s all part of ‘evo-lotion’.

You’ve all seen the adverts… *dry reach*! The classic hair flicks and close up graphics of the formula taking effect. Oh please!!!

Sometimes people look at brand evolution a little bit like this. The end result is sometimes almost hard to notice even though you know it’s worked.

Evolving a brand is very different from re-developing a brand. New branding is a much easier process because you essentially have a blank canvas to work from.

Evolutions on the other hand require a real craftsmanship.

We’ve done a number of these in the last nine and a half years and to be honest, they don’t get any easier.

You need to take a gentle approach with an incredible amount of respect for what has come before. We examine the elements of the existing brands, seeking artifacts of what is vital in order to maximise the value from all the marketing that has gone before.

Often the tweaks we have performed go unnoticed by the consumer but that’s not to say that they are not effective. Many aspects are more about the subliminal rather than the obvious.

Colour is normally another important aspect. On most occasions, we look to vitalise the colour without taking away the foundation of what existed.

I can recall on one occasion that the tweak was so elegantly performed that I’m yet to meet anyone that wasn’t directly involved that has noticed the difference, yet the change has had incredible impact and has achieved the desired results.

Brands do get tired and sometimes need a facelift. At times they need to be thrown out. Especially if they haven’t been very well created in the first place. But a good, solid brand, well executed, that is just a little worn out from years of marketing, may just require a little polish to get it all sparkling and new.

Maybe it’s time to apply a little evo-lotion to your brand??