The most confusing thing you can do to a viewer is try and jam-pack your television commercial with EVERYTHING. You may have a great business that offers a whole range of fantastic products or services to everyone under the sun, but that’s not going to help you!

We encourage all of our clients to focus on one message per advertisement because we know it works.

In the case of Television, Foris Garden Centre is a classic example of delivering one message. They are a wonderful business with many products and services on offer, but the idea of trying to explain that in a 30 second commercial seemed messy. There just wasn’t enough time or space for visuals and voice-overs that could truly project what they did (and to the right people). The result could have ended up an advertising nightmare!

Our solution: Three 15 second commercials that all have a different focus; Branding; Plants; and Reticulation. When played on rotation, they are helping to create brand recognition at all times while focusing on one message per television commercial.

Don’t overwhelm people or drive them away because they don’t actually know what you do through sheer confusion! Make your message clear as crystal and just pick ONE.

Foris Garden Centre is now on air! Have a look at the three commercials we created in-house at Jack in the box here.