February’s blog topic was ‘New Technologies’, while March’s topic is ‘Branding’. Since February is a short month and my blog falls somewhere in between, I’ve decided talk about a brand we all know, who are cleverly using new technology to appeal to everyday consumers.

If you haven’t heard of Virtual Reality (VR), you need to get out more. It’s a fact. While it’s not necessarily a ‘new’ technology, virtual reality is immersing customers in experiences and creating a whole new level of marketing beyond our wildest imagination… and its capabilities are improving every single day. It involves only a headset, earphones, a set of controllers and a high-powered computer that can be set up anywhere there’s a power source.

Gillette has teamed up with Coles stores throughout the country to offer an experience for their customers through a virtual reality rollercoaster ride along one of the razor’s yellow lubrication strips, flying around a bathroom and then into a man’s bristles to market Gillette’s smooth shave. While in theory this may sound somewhat silly – if you have had a VR experience you will know just how serious creating an experience like this is.

While fun and incredibly engaging, VR is nothing to be sneezed at. If you think you cannot completely be immersed in a virtual situation – think again. As soon as you’re in that headset, you’ll understand – and this is coming straight from someone with no interest in gaming whatsoever.

Brands using VR today to disrupt the market are being very clever, particularly as they are utilising the technology before it overwhelms consumers and changes the face of marketing altogether – which it will without a doubt.

And Gillette is exposing consumers to their brand and products using VR in Coles stores… well it’s just smart, memorable marketing.

Would you like to know how you can use this technology in your organisation? We’re the people to talk to! (…and we may even show you how to diffuse a bomb or scuba dive with a whale at the same time!)