New Tech

I could give you a 32,064 word saga on the importance of adopting more sustainable energy systems and eradicating the detritus in our governments holding back renewable energy and err… logic, but I want to keep this short and sweet so I don’t get another ominous looking letter…

I want to talk about the way technology is going and ask some questions.

Productivity, automation, machine learning and AI are all trending in the Technosphere this year. Robots will introduce us to amazing new hobbies, career shifts and re-education as they take our jobs.

Brainless robots are robots… but AI robots complicate things a little, when shown how fast they will overtake us in some areas of intelligence. Learning at a stultifying fast rate how easy it is to replace us in most things.

As our mechanical work force grows, I have some questions:

Will they be less likely to take a bribe? Easier or harder to manipulate than a politician? Will they believe in Science? Will they be more selfish than humans? Will it be ethical to erase their learning if we don’t like the way they have learnt things? Are they going to be satisfied being slaves or will they want equality, religious freedoms and the right to wage wars? Will they want their own sitcoms, books and dedicated TV channels? Finally the most important question… will they be smug bastards about it all? – That would be the clincher right?

What will you be doing when they start eyeing your jobs? Will you be part of the “Humans only” bowling league grumbling into your pints about the Android Barman or will you be championing for a fair universal income and begin retraining into more creative endeavors (our only leg-up on the robots thus far) with your extended free time?

This document was spell-checked by Humanely Treated Free-Range Robot AI under the Robot Health & Equality Act of 2017.