Information can be the key to your customers’ hearts. This concept is something that we have discussed with several clients lately and has introduced them to a different way of thinking – not marketing, but education. It’s about becoming ‘the authority’ on what it is you do, through the simple task of providing information.

Being a pioneer, standing up and owning your category, is not an impossible strategy. In fact, thanks to the growth of the online marketing environment it is much easier than it ever was. Through your website, social media, e-newsletters, blogs, widgets, SMS alerts etc. – you can become a source of information about what you do. You might notice we at Jack in the box have adopted a similar strategy (hence this blog you receive every week). We believe in the power of education in marketing, and are happy to be the provider of that message.

What is sad, however, is that so many organisations’ online presence or CRM systems exist only to talk about themselves. If you sell something that is unique – educate people about it! Tell them why it is unique, where it is sourced from, and how it can improve their lives. When your customers become educated, they become advocates and they will tell others (everyone likes to appear knowledgeable about something). Even if you act as a source of information about your industry, update your clients on new legislation or simply offer tips to make life easier, it will have the same effect. Empower them with knowledge, and they will be your loyal servants.

Bunnings is a great example. Their staff are powerful sources of information. I know people that will go to Bunnings just to quiz a staff member about how to do something, or what tool to use. I do this myself – ‘It will be ok – they’ll tell us what to do at Bunnings‘. For advice or information on anything hardware, people don’t trust anywhere else.

E-newsletters, blogs, Twitter and the like are great tools for keeping a database or followers up to date with news and happenings, but they can also educate. Give a little something for nothing. Reward your clients and your followers with information. Information costs you nothing, but its value
is priceless.