In a world of instant gratification, instant coffee and instant food, is it hard to imagine that more and more people expect instant marketing?

That’s likely to be highly debateable considering that most people I speak to would tell me that they hate being marketed too but the fact remains that sometimes tomorrow is too late.

Traditional mediums are becoming increasingly static and certainly don’t offer the flexibility that many industries now require.

In terms of marketing, we are always investigating ways and means that allow us to assist with ensuring business has the most comprehensive suite of tools possible. The most recent is the addition of txtbox – an instant push sms service.

Push SMS? What the hell is that I hear many of you say. Well, it’s essentially a service that pushes your message via SMS to your database. It’s simple, easy and highly cost effective especially when you have an INSTANT message to get out into the marketplace.

For example, you could collect mobile numbers in your store or business by asking people to sign up for instant alerts of sales or specials. Or perhaps you are having an event that you wish to alert people of and remind them about the day before. There are simply thousands of applications for push SMS.

Our latest innovation – TXTbox – make this type of marketing easy and very affordable. To find out a little bit more, check out our online tools section here and then give me a call for all the details.

It’s time to get pushy with your clients and customers.

Tomorrow is too late…. do it today!