There are many great ways and products that can be utilised to create an eye catching and inviting exhibition stand and below are a few key points that make the job easier.

Stands: these days there are so many great products from pop up banners, shelving and racking systems to wall units. Many systems can pack away into a compact strong, mobile unit and you should take into account the transportable size: can it fit into the boot of a car easily or is something larger required? Another important aspect is weight, can one person lift and move the parts around by themselves? If you are travelling interstate or overseas the cost of air transport can be expensive.

It is important to understand how and why the exhibition stand will be used, and if it is to be used more than once. Does the construction material need to be hard wearing for multiple uses or cheaper materials for a one off, will it appear inside or out and need to be weather proof?

Design: from an existing brand to creating a bespoke design, it is imperative that the communication works to its full potency to ensure maximum exposure and awareness.

Flexibility: is the design flexible so that you can mix ‘n’ match pieces from a huge ‘bells and whistles’ ensemble to using just a pop up depending on the shows you will be attending?

Lighting: not just to ensure a bright area where your product and information is displayed, but by careful use of colour and movement, mood and visual appeal can be created to draw people in.

Sound: not just to be used simply for spruiking but as above to create mood and ambience.

Entertainment: great to draw a crowd, if you are selling young children’s product why not use a clown to juggle and make balloon animals etc.. And entry forms for a prizedraw or competition are a great way to gather database information.

Plasma screens: create an informative and visually dynamic presence and that can be used interactively in conjunction with presentations.

Giveaways: let’s face it we all like something free, and a simple hook to get people to your stand is as cheap and easy as free samples, or the tried and tested sweets in a jar, and water cooler. I know I’ve entered stands purely to get a drink, (as walking around a pavilion for a couple of hours works up a thirst) and ended up with a purchase. And as mentioned in my last blog, smell, a coffee machine wafting its delicious aroma is sure to bring people around.

Contact Area: create an area where you and a client can talk comfortably and without being bumped or feeling cramped.

Booking Space: as the saying goes ‘location, location, location’. Make sure you book the best space you can where there will be a high traffic flow, in an appropriate section and not ‘all the way over there somewhere’. It is essential to liaise with the exhibition organisers when booking space, make sure you have an accurate plan of the layout and know the exact floor and height dimensions and what power outlets are available for you to use. Be sure you know what time is allowed for setting up and dismantling of your stand.