I’ve met my fair share of people that think culture is nothing more than those funny things you find in yogurt but increasingly the business world is becoming accutely aware of it’s impact within an organisation.

We’ve been dealing in the nature of culture for a long time and it’s probably fair to say that Tony’s level of expertise in the area is not only world class but ground breaking. Having studied the matter for in excess of 20 years – long before it became a corporate buzz word – he has an accute appreciation for its impact and the various implications it brings about in any organisation.

Essentially it’s one of the base foundations that Jack in the box is built upon.

But don’t think that it’s all about strategy though…it plays a vital role in our creative process too.

Many people hear us talk about a ‘strategically driven creative agency’ model but I’m not sure many truely appreicate the full concept until they have experienced it.

Let’s take branding as classic example.

A brand is, without a doubt, the most important visual piece of communication an organisation has. It speaks a silent language to your clients and customers while positioning you in their minds. It’s more than just a name with some pretty colours and a fancy device, it’s your culture represented in a symbol.

If you need evidence of this you need go no further than the Swastika. Simplistically, it’s a black cross with a bent arms. Little splash of white and read. Wholla!! Nothing to it right? We all know that’s certianly not the case. It symbolises fear, terror and an era of horrific atrosity.

It could well be the most powerful brand in the world.

We utilise the essence of an organisations culture to best represent them in the market place. It’s more than just a creative process. It’s that crutial link with the strategic process and the itentification of the culture that creates something different.

It’s vital to get it right first time and to ensure it represents more than your business. It must represent the soul of the company, the heartbeat, the driving factors that make you different to your competitors.