We all know the game. You face off with a partner and attempt to psych them out with some tricky combination or sequence that leads to victory, right? Or perhaps you’re a consistent player with a very steady “I always go with rock” mentality? However you play it, it’s a game of chance.

But what if you had a better idea of what your partner was about to do?

You see, many people choose which media they should advertise in very similar to how they play “paper rock scissors”. There’s no real strategy. I mean sure you can say “well I’ve always advertised here so it must work” but the reality is, that most of the time that just isn’t true.

Every media has self interest. That’s just good business! But when it comes to making decisions on where to spend your money, it’s very difficult to make a sound decision when you’ve only been given the sales pitch but didn’t receive the brochure with the full specs.

Marketing in the right media is vital and never more so than now! When every dollar has to count, you really need to be ensuring that you are targeting your clients and consumers via the right medium.

As I’ve discussed before, there are now so many more mediums. This makes it easier and harder all at the same time. It essentially adds options but can create confusion.

In marketing terms, ultimately it’s always a combined strategy that works best. A well constructed campaign looks to marry a range of mediums with a consistent message that creates the link.

This often extends to many internal pieces of promotion too that assist in expanding the campaign at a ground level.

Many of you may feel that you’re simply wasting your money on marketing and truth be known, some of you are!

I’ve been invited to speak at next month’s BizSmart Conference at Abbey Beach in Busselton. This single day event combines some incredible speakers from around Australia on a variety of topics. My 90 minute session will be on the topic of “Marketing – are you wasting your money?”

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If you’re looking for some answers and have a good time while you’re at it, then make sure you come along. Entertaining and informative is a trademark of Jack in the box so join us for the ride! You never know…I might even challenge you to a game!