A logo is made of four basic elements: typeface, colour, icon and name. And it is the design of these elements that create instant identification of the organisation/product or service. There is another element that while not part of the physical logo, is as readily identifiable and even more identifiable in certain circumstances. This part of the equation is corporate styling.
Corporate styling is what we at Jack in the box consider to be any element(s) that identifies the brand to the viewer.

An obvious example of this can be seen in sport, teams have their logo which is often worn as an emblem on the uniform. However for practical reasons the corporate styling in the form of the uniform becomes the identifier, as the emblem alone is too small for players, umpires and especially spectators to distinguish which side is which.

Probably the best example of this is the All Blacks. The all black uniform is so recognisable and strong that the team is named after the colour of the uniform and not the emblem of the silver fern.
In the case of Adidas, the 3 strips (which is a part of the original logo), is so strong that it is now used as the icon of Adidas, and is used in variations as the icons for Adidas Performance and Adidas Style, as well as being still used in the original style for Adidas Originals.

At Jack in the box we understand that the strength of these extra elements are so important that when we present a new brand we present the logo in isolation only once and from then on within the strength of the corporate styling.

To emphasis the strength of this elements let’s look at the automotive industry. The front grill of cars is a prime area on a vehicle that can be used as a corporate style to project a brand. Companies such as Chrysler know this and utilise it. The designers who create the vehicles within the Jeep range always implement the famous Jeep grill. No matter what model is produced the vertical bar grill is incorporated, and though the width and number of bars may alter, the instant recognition is always that of a Jeep.

Now think of the grill of the BMW, I bet you will instantly picture the double kidney grill. Now think of the grill of others such as Ford or Toyota, I don’t know what you will picture because the are never consistent.

So let the logo communicate the brand, and let the other elements of the corporate style strengthen that communication.