Now that advertising has evolved to the digital age, the poor traditional alternatives ( free to air TV, radio, newspapers, magazines) are being left for dead. Unfortunately, unless they can rid the ‘inflexible’ label they’ve so rightly earned, it is destined to stay that way. Thankfully, there are some media outlets seeing the need for flexibility and are embracing it. I thought I’d bring you a small taste of the plethora of creative ideas being pioneered by some innovative newspaper publishers.

If you’d ever wanted an L-shaped, triangular , T-shaped, or U-shaped advertisement, it’s all possible in a number of our larger metropolitan/national newspapers. Contoured shapes with bits sticking out are no longer a problem. Even a circular advert is a possibility.

If you want a sticky note on the front cover directing readers to your advert later in the paper, this is also possible. If you want a full outside cover wrap, or to own the first 10 pages of the newspaper, you can do that too.

Imagine owning the whole front and back pages of a newspaper, bar the publication’s mast head? That’s possible too.

You can also produce a poster pull out (bring back the centrefold) or inserts of many sizes and shapes. It is also possible to insert a series of small adverts within the editorial text itself.

You can also print with scented ink, or choose the colour of the whole newspaper (why not pink?) or of certain pages.

Combined with the huge array of online technologies and interactive ideas, the barriers of the past are slowly disappearing. If you are willing to think differently and allocate some budget, the creative applications are endless. All you need is a great idea!

If you like the sound of these ideas, or want to have a look just for interest sake, next time you visit request a look at our sample book of creative newspaper ideas.