I think it’s human nature to play. To fiddle. To explore. I mean since the dawn of time we’ve been picking and poking everything to try and get a better understanding of it. So it stands to reason that we are still curious creatures then…yes?

Well I believe so and there’s no better technology to drive this concept than touch screens.

Touch screens have been around for a while now so you may be thinking
What’s so new and innovative about it?

Like all things technological, advances are made swiftly and some of the latest are quite exciting!

The biggest leap is in the ability for this technology to react. In the beginning it was simply about taking away the need for buttons and replacing it with intuitive screens that made your experience easier.

Today the only limit is imagination!

I’ve been investigating emerging trends in the US and Europe with technologies that REALLY interacts with the consumer. Table top catalogues that let you flip the pages, rubbing the screen to reveal the next part of a campaign or even interactive games between people instore. There is some really amazing technology out there.

Even the basics of directional signage has come a long way with new ways of advertising and promotion through the use of digital touch screen technology.

The best part about it is that it’s all becoming cheaper, which means it’s closer and closer to reality for SME’s.

When you consider how difficult it is to get to the teen market, how women join brands rather than simply buying them and all men love to fiddle, it’s a sure way to use the natural curiosity we all possess to allow consumers to interact with your brand.

So get in touch today…