Most aspects of marketing ‘seem’ pretty easy. Most people would tell you that they have some idea about marketing. Many confuse advertising and marketing. While others don’t believe that they can do what the ‘big boys’ do.

And this ultimately, is the issue with our entire industry. It makes marketing look easy.

One such area that often gets the biggest mistreatment is media. “Surely buying media isn’t that hard is it?” This is not an uncommon statement when speaking to clients about media buying but in today’s market, with so many options available, it’s impossible for most business owners or even brand/marketing managers to have all the information they need and make effective decisions while still performing all their other tasks.

So the next question usually is, “But surely it costs more for professional advice?

Well the answer is yes and no. Depending on your particular situation, you may require what we would term as a Promotional Plan. This is a short report that develops not only how you should spend your media budget but also how mixing various mediums with your other marketing activities will increase the effectiveness of your spend. These plans are not overly expensive and you gain access to strategic thinking and the creative think tank.

The ‘no’ side is, if you simply need a Media Plan. This is simply about buying your media more effectively and ensuring you’re buying the right mediums and the right aspects within those mediums. Many businesses buy media based on relationships with sales representatives, personal preferences or what seems to work. A Media Plan removes these elements from the equation and replaces them with strategic rationale, statistics and measurable outcomes.

The best part is that a Media Plan won’t cost you a cent. In fact it will more than likely either cost you less or allow you to get greater benefits from the same spend.

The final question then becomes, “Well, where’s the catch?” and that’s the best part…there isn’t one.

Independent media buying is simply more effective because you’re not being influenced by a sales person who has a vested interest in obtaining your business for their company. When Jack in the box performs your media buying, we don’t care who we buy your media from – any station, any paper, any medium…it’s all the same. All that is important is that the mix is right for your business and that you receive effective results.

Speaking of results, this is also a really important factor. Your media has to be accountable. When you work with us we’ll show you ways of measuring how the media is having a positive effect on your business.

It’s certainly not child’s play and involves some serious expertise and industry knowledge. Luckily we have that all in-house and ready to drive your dollar further.

So don’t wave goodbye to your precious media dollars, buy your media more effectively and see how much of a difference it can make to your business.