A car cruising around space may seem pretty cool to a lot of people, and it certainly is a breakthrough in terms of both PR for Tesla and the tech required to put it there.

Personally, I think it’s just more space junk that we are dumping up there. Seems it isn’t enough wrecking our planet with garbage that we have to put it everywhere we can including space.

At least Elon Musk sent one of his electric cars up instead of a dirty diesel, and he is trying to help our planet with pushing cleaner technologies.

Yep I get the importance of the science behind it, I get the need for pushing these technological boundaries and the importance of space travel for the future of humankind.

But as a planet we need to decide if it makes sense putting all this time and resources into achieving the goal of travelling to other planets that are not hospitable for life as we know it to set up colonies.

I’m sure there are creatures – be they three headed aliens or bacteria that are quite happy living in these places – that are sick of our space junk crashing into them.

At a time when consumerism is causing more and more polluting of our land, air and oceans I feel that we should put space travel on hold and work to fixing the problems in our own backyard first.

Let’s put the brightest minds and all that money into cleaning up our planet and ensuring that it can provide life for us all instead of ensuring a select few escape to survive on a small colony on a lonely planet somewhere.

Thankfully there are plenty of smart people out there doing just this. Companies like Skipping Rocks Lab who are working on reducing plastic water bottle waste with their Ooho water spheres.

MIT Media Lab alum Anirudh Sharma and his colleagues have devised a way of taking soot out of car exhausts and put it into black paints and inks instead of the air.

These are just 2 examples of the many great innovations being worked on around the globe.

A huge thank you to all these talented people researching new breakthrough technologies that can reduce our waste and pollution to ensure we and all life on this planet may have a chance of carrying on living here.