I’ve spent many an enjoyable afternoon mulling over this question as, I’m sure, have most of you. But what is the answer and does it really matter? Well, not to this blog, and I don’t think the chicken is too concerned either, but what does matter is the order in which things happen in a production process, and website production is no exception.

Planning, requirements gathering, design, development, testing, launch and post-launch all need to be logically organised to be effectively executed.

This is not to say, the process can’t be flexible, the Agile methodology in particular has been developed with flexibility and change in mind.

Flexibility in the production process is especially relevant to design work, as Vaughan mentions in his blog The Squeeze, the process of design is inherently organic in nature and not linear.

There are several methodologies available to help with the production process and these should be investigated thoroughly to see what benefits adopting these might have to your workflow.

And my money’s on the egg.