Oh I know…I can hear you all cursing me for using that foul language in September but the fact is, Christmas is only just around the corner and NOW is the time to start putting together your wish list to ensure you get the most out of Santa this year.

The one given every Christmas is that it’s mad and although the financial situation of many will no doubt keep spending to a lower level than years past, it will still be mad!

So what are you doing to maximise the dollar spend in your operation?

Many believe that budgeting for Christmas is only a concern for retail stores…


There is something in Christmas for EVERYBODY!

Service based business’ can use it to ensure that clients are rewarded for the year past and it’s a great opportunity to say thank you to them.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to energise your staff or team into being ready for the year ahead.

It’s all marketing and it all brings results in one form or another.

It’s not necessarily about spending massive amounts on advertising and promotion. It’s about being creative and planning to ensure that you maximise the potential of the marketplace at that time of year.

We create plans for many companies coming into Christmas. We execute catalogues, Christmas cards, animated e-cards, website modifications, corporate gifts etc etc.

It all just depends on what you want to achieve out of your spend.

So get yourself into the Christmas spirit early and make the most of it!