Over the past year Jack in the Box has been involved in working with community organisations/not for profits assisting with planning for future opportunities and directions.

With Government now focused on outcomes or result based funding and highly competitive funding opportunities, there is a great emphasis on community organisations to have well defined strategic plans. To be competitive organisations are finding the need to be very visual and for there to be a high degree of awareness of its role and the services provided not just to their stakeholders but also to the community at large.

Being visual and having community awareness can be part of your planning and is able to be achieved by developing a strategic marketing plan. This plan provides a detailed assessment of a community organisation’s current position and lays out the appropriate steps that are required for the organisation to achieve its objectives. It also gives a realistic timeline that suits the specific needs of the community group.

Jack in the box recognises the importance of organisational capacity building and encourages organisations to realise their potential by providing both the facilitation to assist in future planning and by developing a strategic marketing plan for the organisation.

With a high degree of consultation now conducted by commercial, government and community bodies – Jack in the box also provides facilitation to assist with the consultative process. Our aim is to provide consultation that is involving; meaningful; useful and effective. To work in collaborative with all parties to ensure respectful discussion that values all involved, listens and searches for real and effective understanding and a successful conclusion.