A logo is not a brand! It is the visual cornerstone of which a brand is built around. The bricks that build the brand are culture, experience and what Jack in the box refers to as corporate style.

Corporate style is the controlled visual space in which a logo lives, it is what gives power and awareness to a brand. It tells the world about it, in the same way your wardrobe describes you to the world.

A logo is never seen in isolation, it has to be positioned on something, be it a baseball cap, business card, advertising and packaging, or moving across a television screen.

Because a brand needs to be seen and utilised on various mediums to promote and create awareness as well as loyalty it is vital that the essence of the message is always on brand.

All elements around the logo act to tell the story, from the style of photography; colour pallet; uniforms; base materials (eg natural products versus shiny plastics for exhibition stands and signage), the list goes on!

This control only means the correct message is sent, it must not mean that innovation and the very life of the brand becomes monotonous, predictable and dated.

As I always preach: a brand and therefore the corporate style is a living evolving entity that must adapt and be flexible enough to be of worth.