Good design is about doing things smarter, making them more effective and enriching the day-to-day quality of life. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the disability sector.

A sector where doing the most basic of tasks are near impossible for some. Like throwing a ball, tying your own shoelaces or riding a bike. Things we as able bodied individuals take for granted. This is where the guys over at Dreamfit Foundation come in. They specialise in ‘Enabling people with disabilities through innovative equipment solutions’. In other words, they use good design to make people’s lives better.

Dreamfit are a not-for-profit organisation. And like most not-for-profits, they tend to do the work that mainstream business deems unprofitable. But it’s this need to operate on the sniff of an oil rag that stimulates innovation and highly creative problem solving. You could say that they’ve overcome their financial disability by being original, smart and innovative. Just take a look at some of their projects and you’ll see how true this is.